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Powerful rostering algorithms to solve your NP-hard workforce planning problem. Optimize your roster and get back to scaling your software business.

What is Workforce Planning Optimisation?

Creating an optimal roster for a team of employees based on forecasted demand and taking into account extensive labor agreement rules & constraints.

Predicted demand

Based on last weeks sales, last planning, predicted weather, revenue and reservations, a clear demand can be generated used as base occupation per skill, per location, per time block.

work rules

Collective Work Agreements are numerous and complex. Our optimisation already takes into account hundreds of specific employee constraints. Not enough? Simply create your own work rules.

optimal schedule

Not only automagically generate a plan in seconds, but define what is important in the optimisation. Is financial wage cost minimisation more important than fairness? It's just a parameter. Our advanced mathematical solver engine can handle any request.

How to integrate API?

We have created an advanced mathematical solver engine so you don't have to. Simple integration through API. Scalable, flexible and efficient out of the box.


Need rosters for hundreds of companies and thousands of employees? No worries, our algorithms are built to handle large inputs.


Our workforce optimization API is designed to be flexible for many use-cases. Craft your POST requests exactly to fit your needs.


Minimize your wage costs with algorithms that generate rosters in seconds. Our solution is proven to be up to 10% more efficient compared to simple home-grown solutions!

Built by Developers For Developers

Integrate plannig into your apps in minutes. Our RESTful API can work with any technology stack.

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We are the leading Workforce Optimization API, and the number one choice for software partners around the world.

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Integrate plannig into your apps in minutes. Our RESTful API can work with any stack.

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