Optimisation as a Service

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About solvice

Solvice is a new ambitious startup leveraging an optimisation-as-a-service framework to manage and solve your complex planning problems. Our solution creates value by enabling companies to gain a definite increase in efficiency by our state of the art optimization techniques.

By constantly improving on our core optimisation and analytics engine, we can build state-of-the art algorithms in your specific domain.

These domain implementations are made public through our cloud API's.

Extensive documentation of our API allows your company to easily integrate the Solvice custom solver with your existing IT solutions.


"The proof of the pudding is in the eating"

Hence, we have created a few applications built with our optimisation platform:

Vehicle routing and loading

The Solvice' routing and loading API can handle hundreds of thousands of orders to be delivered or picked up by a group of trucks according to several constraints and specifications like arrival time windows, lunch breaks for drivers, different capacity requirements, etc...

On-call planning

Solvice helps you with making an on-call schedule for a group of people bearing in mind the different desiderata and specific constraints.

Day planning

The automatic workforce management tool for scheduling your staff in shifts.

Management team

Christophe Van Huele

Co-founder, Operational director

Etienne Maerien

Investor, Business director

Kenny Helsens

Co-founder, Data scientist

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