Planon Revolutionizes Building Management Efficiency with Solvice's AI-Powered Solutions

At Solvice, we take pride in our commitment to revolutionizing scheduling and optimization solutions with the power of artificial intelligence. In this customer success story, we are happy to showcase the partnership between Solvice and Planon, a global leader in Smart Sustainable Building Management software. Discover how Planon leveraged Solvice's innovative AI-powered scheduling solutions to enhance their building management processes, improve efficiency, and drive sustainability.

Planon, renowned for its expertise in Smart Sustainable Building Management software, sought to enhance its building management capabilities by harnessing the power of AI-driven solutions. With a vision to connect buildings, people, and processes seamlessly, Planon recognized the potential for Solvice's cutting-edge technology to optimize their field service team scheduling and revolutionize their operations.

The collaboration between Solvice and Planon culminated in the integration of Solvice's OnRoute planning API into the Planon Artificial Resource Scheduler (Planon ARS), available in the Planon Marketplace. This groundbreaking integration enabled Planon customers to automate and optimize their field service team scheduling, resulting in improved efficiency and sustainability in building management.

Derrek Clarke, Senior Solution Marketer at Planon, emphasized the value brought to customers by the availability of Solvice's OnRoute API. By incorporating AI-based route optimization into their operations, Planon users experienced streamlined field service scheduling, time savings, and increased efficiency. The integration aligned perfectly with Planon's commitment to sustainable building management, as it contributed to a reduction in carbon emissions through optimized routing.

Solvice's OnRoute API offered powerful capabilities, leveraging heuristic algorithms, optimization techniques, and machine learning. It seamlessly generated optimized routes within the Planon interface, ensuring efficient resource allocation and minimizing travel distances. This not only enhanced productivity but also made significant contributions to sustainability efforts.

Planon further expanded its offerings with the introduction of the Planon Artificial Resource Scheduler (ARS), an extension of its Resource Scheduling product. With the Planon ARS, facility service planners could effortlessly generate optimized work schedules for teams, considering various parameters such as orders, skills, agreements, hours, and locations. This integration marked a significant milestone in operational excellence, growth, sustainability, employee satisfaction, and customer delight.

Through the implementation of Solvice's OnRoute API, Planon customers experienced efficiency gains of up to 40% through AI-based routing. This showcased the immense potential for enhanced efficiency and cost reduction within building management operations.

Solvice's dedication to continuous improvement and innovation was evident through its commitment to developing APIs, enhancing features, upgrading explainable AI components, and ensuring seamless implementation. Planon customers could confidently expect ongoing advancements and a seamless integration experience with Solvice's OnRoute API.


The partnership between Solvice and Planon has empowered the building management industry by harnessing the power of AI. Planon's commitment to sustainability, combined with Solvice's cutting-edge technology, has resulted in streamlined scheduling, improved efficiency, and enhanced customer satisfaction. As Solvice continues to push the boundaries of AI-powered solutions, Planon customers can look forward to a future of optimized building management processes and sustainable operations.

Explore the Planon Marketplace and the benefits of the OnRouteAPI integration at Planon Marketplace.

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