Solvice delivers products and services in optimization and planning to support organizations to deliver value to their customers in a sustainable way.

Our expertise


We support your strategic planning and decision making, using in-depth analysis and optimization.


We optimize the routes for your pick-up and deliveries, your sales planning or field services.


We build schedules to optimize your asset usage or incorporate all preferences of your staff in building the work schedule.


We show how your business is impacted by changes in inputs or processes. We provide insights in how to manage uncertainty.

Happy customers


Sales of the future event

Our founder Christophe Van Huele was present at the "Sales of the future event", hosted by CPM Belgium. He elaborated on how field sales teams should use route optimization and territory management to ensure the right balance for the sales representatives and to be effective. Watch Christophe from 21:00 onward (sorry for the lagging audio).


  • Event

    “Slotevent VIL: Empty logistics”

  • Webinar

    “Pick-up and delivery optimization with load specifics”