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Every business operation has its planning puzzles. Solvice solves every planning puzzle and optimizes every operation for better performance and higher profitability. On a single powerful software platform.

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Strategic planning and decision making, using in-depth analysis and optimization.


Optimizing the routes for your pick-up and deliveries, your sales planning or field services.


Building work schedules to optimize your asset usage or incorporate all preferences of your staff.


We show how your business is impacted by changes in inputs or processes.

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Up to 35% more
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The sales manager of British American Tobacco (BAT) wanted to reconsider the assignment of customers to his sales team of 20 representatives.

Total drive time reduced by 23%

BPS distri asked Solvice to deliver a solution to save on the driven kilometers, in addition to cutting the time spent planning their routes.

90% less time planning schedules

UZ Leuven wanted to save on planning time for the oncall rostering of their anaesthesiology department.

Improved roster quality by 12%

KAVA asked Solvice to develop a planning optimization algorithm to spread the on-call shifts of 4930 Belgian pharmacies fairly in Belgium over the period of half a year.

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