Route Optimization

Daily route optimization

How do I find the optimal set of routes for a fleet of vehicles delivering goods or services to various locations?


Save on the time spent planning

Producing daily schedules for your mobile workforce can be very difficult: it requires ad-hoc orders to be planned alongside fixed orders and cyclic appointments. Optimization cuts back the time spent planning drastically. Time for your operational planners will be freed up for them to focus on the most important matters.

Manage the complexity of hundreds to thousands of stops

Your schedule usually requires a lot of complexity to manage: time windows for specific customers, special goods that require refrigeration, or certain visits that need a certified driver to visit. All of these specific rules to follow can be dealt with with a click of a button.

Reduce operational expenses

By optimizing your daily schedules, you can reduce your operational costs up to 35%. Use your resources in the most efficient way: maximize the customers served and minimize overall costs. As a result, you can get more work done with fewer resources and save on fuel costs.

We see examples of Route Optimization every day: field service workers out on the road, meal delivery drivers delivering food from central kitchens to hungry homes, delivery trucks bringing you groceries from local stores, and couriers delivering packages to your office.

key features

Objectives & constraints

OnRoute takes into account several key elements when optimizing your daily routing schedules. It assigns orders to your mobile workforce, managing the complexity of your visits while minimizing the total drivetime.  A non-exhaustive list of such elements is given below:

  • Minimize the amount of drivers deployed, utilize all drivers to balance the workload, or reduce the overall length of the schedule.
  • Use various vehicle profiles - from electric bikes to full-size trucks
  • Driver skills and qualifications (e.g., "speak English" or "F-gas certification") to match drivers with the right job.
  • Multiple time windows and optionally specify how much time the driver needs to serve customers.
  • Indicate the start and end times of shifts to ensure that drivers are assigned the correct routes
  • Rescheduling for new jobs in real time, taking into account new jobs without disrupting already planned routes, based on current vehicle locations.
  • Use traffic data based on historical travel time data compiled from millions of collected data points or choose to use real-time traffic data.
solution details

How it works

During the planning process, it is important to consider as many constraints and variables as possible. For Field Service, this may include departure from home or office, time of day of the visit, equipment needs, service time, visit priorities, and skills of technician. This allows you to easily schedule maintenance or quickly act in case of a malfunction. Within logistics, there are several other restrictions to consider, such as window and delivery times, opening hours, environmental zones, levels of vehicle types, distances and costs. OnRoute is able to be configured within your own constraints.

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