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We are Solvice: In ❤️ with Applied Combinatorial Optimization

At Solvice we love complex optimization problems (because they are fun), we make the most complex of problems easy to solve through our decision intelligence APIs.

Our Mission

To put the power of applied mathematics and artificial intelligence in solving complex optimization problems in the hands of software developers and solution builders.

Our Vision

We are convinced we can contribute significantly to solving some of the world's most challenging problems by optimizing the use of resources on a large scale - through combinatorial optimization. Challenge us! We love a fun problem.

A team of math geeks and puzzlers

When our founder Christophe Van Huele finished his PhD on combinatorial optimization he realized the potential for the world of scheduling, planning and organizing resources was huge. He set out on a mission to find a way to bring this know-how to the world of business decision making. The first hands-on solution he built was highly successful in optimizing the complex work schedule of a large University Hospital in Leuven (Belgium).

As he was building his team of experts, the ambition grew to widen the application of combinatorial optimization far beyond individual solutions for end customers. This lead to the development of the business decision intelligence platform Solvice is today.
Solvice TeamOfficeSolvice Team

Our people

Working at Solvice means you love a cool problem, a challenging puzzle. We get slightly aroused by efficiently guiding our algorithms through the search space of possible solutions. We love combining cool problems with high quality answers, and we gladly share our findings with our colleagues, business partners and academics globally.

What we value at Solvice

"The strength of the team is each individual member. The strength of each member is the team." - Philosopher and psychologist, Dr. R. Meredith Belbin

The scientific method

With an academic background and strong ties to that world, we take a scientific approach to the challenges we face.

People first

In the work we do, the lives of many people can be strongly impacted. Therefore we consider it the number one priority to improve people's lives through our actions. This also means we care for the people in our team and in our business relationships.

Keep innovating

There is something special in knowing that there might always be a better solution. It makes us think constantly of improving our algorithms and exploring new methodologies. We detect strategic customer needs and keep working on long term solutions.


We make our solutions as "white box" as possible, because that is the only way to be successful in the long run. The same goes for our business practices.


By leveraging information through algorithms, we generate unprecedented impact. If you want to aim for the best possible solution, we will help you reach it and go beyond.

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