Workforce Demand Prediction

Effectively manage your workforce and future labor costs. Determine whether you have the right mix and number of employees with the necessary skills and competencies to provide high-quality service and support.


Control your labor and hiring costs

Close the gap between your future demand and the resources you have available to respond to change. Make strategic decisions about whether to hire, redeploy, or retrain employees based on data.

Match business strategy and activities

Run multiple simulations to evaluate the impact of future activities or events on your workforce, such as the opening of a new location or the launch of a new product.

Build your ideal workforce

To determine what your ideal workforce looks like, the recommendations take into account your staffing budget, location capacities, efficiency goals, and other resource constraints.

Workforce Capacity Planning connects strategic objectives with operational execution. It determines the timing and goals for staffing operations, as well as any areas in need of improvement.


Strategically plan your personnel

It becomes nearly impossible to manage uncertainty and varying future scenarios. You can create "what-if" scenarios with OnPick and calculate required workforce capacity based on key variables like recruitment costs and over or understaffing.
You can assemble the ideal workforce if staffing levels are clearly defined. This entails only hiring people for the time they are required, as well as eliminating any unnecessary labor and hiring costs. You can also speed up budgeting by streamlining processes like recruitment, headcount planning, training, and compensation.
Key features

Manage your workforce

Strategic planning to optimize your labor budget

  • Recommendations on when employees should be hired, reassigned, or retrained.
  • Through simple iterations of modifying inputs, multiple "what-if" scenarios can be compared.
  • Reduce excess labor costs, minimize lost sales opportunities due to fluctuating staffing levels, and improve productivity
  • Strategic planning of future staffing levels reduce unnecessary labor costs and increase service levels
  • Provides a smarter, realistic and timelier input into the labor budgeting process

Deploy rules that aren’t set in stone

  • Capture and use social aspects of your employees, extracted from past schedules.
  • Capture and use annual and seasonal trends from historical data.

Solution details

How it works

OnShift assists you in ensuring that you have the right amount of staff on hand at all times. Based on your current staffing, turnover, and predicted demand, we recommend realistic staffing levels for each time period. With OnShift's recommendations, you'll be able to see what your future labor costs will be. OnShift considers a huge number of factors when calculating the optimal staffing ratio, including everything from the cost of hiring or retraining of employees to the efficiency rate of each type of employee.

For example, if there is a seasonal spike in service demand, OnShift will suggest which employees to hire or retrain and when. We'll put together an optimal mix of staffing resources to cut costs while maintaining service levels.

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