Route Optimization

Territory Planning API

Boosts productivity by optimizing planning, sales and service territories. Organize your locations, territories, and sales or field service planning to make your employees spending less time on the road and more time with customers.


Uncover hidden patterns

Use location as the connective thread to uncover hidden patterns and trends for enhanced market and customer analysis. Create a competitive edge by integrating location into machine learning models and artificial intelligence

Optimize field operations

Gain critical visibility into real-time field activities and actionable data to inform decisions. Driving is obviously not productive, workload must be balanced and overall travel time reduced.


Visualize people, locations and assets to gain key insights into customers and competitors. See what's happening across a network of store locations, create strong strategic plans and know where to allocate resources.

Effective territory planning and optimization is critical for many businesses. Almost every organization that uses field crews for sales, services, or deliveries has a need for organizing field staff into territories or regions.

key features

See growth opportunities others can’t

OnRoute enables companies to find their most profitable locations. By assigning customers to your employees, it manages the complexity of your balanced territories and minimizes overall travel time.

  • Identify and target the most profitable locations based on competition, demographics and supply chain requirements
  • Make repeatable growth decisions at scale.
  • Avoid cannibalizing sales and jeopardizing current business operations.
  • Optimize online buying and in-store customer engagement.
  • Make the most of store, market, and merchandise mixes.
  • Taking into account home and/or office locations.
solution details

How it works

Work in a territory may vary each day or predetermined routes may be used. Some territories may require weekly or monthly visits. Territories are often based on target numbers such as total service time, number of deliveries, total sales revenue, etc. Territories can be built with the time it takes to travel between multiple locations as a central office or home location as the starting point. Guaranteeing that vehicles will always be able to reach customers within a certain time frame. While sometimes it can be sufficient to create the territory and let the driver decide how to spread the visits, it's often more efficient to plan the routes in advance. This helps save time and ensures reliable schedules for visits.

Route Optimization
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