Skedulo Partners with Solvice to Enhance Scheduling Capabilities

Skedulo, a leading workforce management platform, has chosen Solvice to enhance its scheduling capabilities. With Solvice's powerful optimization engines, Skedulo's new optimization feature provides customers with greater control over scheduling, enabling them to create the optimal schedule with ease.

Skedulo's new optimization engine provides customers with advanced capabilities to optimize their scheduling process. Unlike other tools in the market, Skedulo's engine is flexible, allowing customers to optimize based on multiple variables, such as workload balance, resource skills, and historical traffic data. This ensures Skedulo's customers can achieve the most efficient scheduling solution possible.

One of the key features of Skedulo's optimization engine is the optimization recipes, which allow customers to adjust settings to weigh more heavily those important to their business when optimizing the schedule. This helps customers utilize their workforce efficiently and avoid things like unnecessary overtime.

Solvice's AI optimization engine, which utilizes a fusion of heuristics, optimization, and machine learning, provides the powerful technology behind Skedulo's new optimization feature. Solvice's engine also considers historical traffic data when recommending an optimal route. This helps reduce "windshield time," allowing mobile workers to spend more time delivering high-quality service to more customers instead of being stuck in traffic.

Skedulo's new optimization engine has proven successful early on with customers reporting a 64% increase in jobs completed after upgrading to the new feature. Organizations can ultimately schedule and handle more appointments more efficiently with the power and flexibility to optimize based on what is important to them.

In conclusion, Skedulo's partnership with Solvice has provided an advanced optimization solution that helps customers achieve the most efficient scheduling solution possible. With Solvice's powerful optimization engine, Skedulo's customers have greater control over scheduling and can optimize based on multiple variables, resulting in improved efficiency and increased customer satisfaction.

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