Route Optimization

Pick-up and Delivery

Create a schedule for the pickups and drops off of your vehicle at various locations. Increase the use of your fleet by automatically combining batches and dropping off at common locations to lower the cost per delivery.


Save on the time spent planning

Producing pickup and delivery schedules for your fleet, servicing all your customers and employing the full potential of all your depots. Optimization cuts back the time spent planning drastically. Time for your operational planners will be freed up for them to focus on the most important matters.

Manage the complexity of multi-depot delivery runs

Your schedules requires a lot of complexity to manage: you need to balance both pickups and deliveries not only at your customer’s sites but also at your different depots. Optimization manages this complexity for you; ensuring key items are collected before deliveries, sufficient deliveries are made before orders are picked up, or vehicles are cleaned before picking up specific products.

Reduce operational expenses

By optimizing your pickup and delivery schedules, you can reduce your operational costs by an average of 34%. Use your resources in the most efficient way: maximize the customers served and minimize overall costs. As a result, you can get more work done with fewer resources and save on fuel costs.

The challenge is to reduce the cost per delivery. By trying to minimize the total driving distance of your fleet, OnRoute automatically groups pickups and dropoffs at your locations, making better use of your fleet and reducing your cost per delivery.

key features

Capabilities - Features:

OnRoute takes into account several key elements when optimizing your pickup and deliveries. It assigns both pickup and delivery orders to your fleet, managing the complexity of your multi-depot operations while minimizing the total drivetime.  A non-exhaustive list of such elements is given below:

  • Specific capacity requirements for your fleet. 
  • Specific technical requirements that match an order to (a part of) your fleet or operators.
  • Time windows and working hour restrictions.
  • Already communicated deadlines/appointments for your customers.
  • Geographically dispersed customers and depots.
  • Combining full truckload and less-than-truckload orders.

solution details

How it works

If you have a restaurant delivery service, package courier business, ridesharing platform, or transport management system, you need to handle multiple pickup and delivery addresses, taking into account vehicle capacity, driver working hours, and delivery time windows.

Send us the pickup and delivery addresses of your orders, along with information of your drivers. OnRoute will respond with the best route that will most efficiently visit all of those addresses.

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