Workforce Scheduling

Manage Real-time Tasks

Assign and sequence tasks and re-optimize, when needed, in real-time.


Find the right sequence

Order all your tasks across your staff in the most optimal order based on priority constraints, travel time, availability, skills, location and your employees' personal preferences.

Work smarter

Be more productive by grouping tasks into a shift as logically as possible to minimize waiting and travel time between tasks. Integrated route optimization ensures this productivity by clustering your tasks in different locations.

Resource Constraints

Tasks can be constrained by various generic resources such as skills, location, equipment, machinery, or even custom-defined renewable resources.

Ensure that all required tasks are completed just-in-time by sequencing them in the most efficient way.

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How it works

Each job involves a series of tasks that must be carried out in a given order and processed on a specific machine or workstation. For example, the job could be assembling an automobile or working as a customer service representative. The problem is to schedule the tasks to minimize the time it takes for all the tasks to be completed.

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