Route Optimization

Multi-Day Route Optimization API

Manage orders and routes for multiple visits over a long period of time, and asses the impact of decisions made in one period on outcomes in other periods.

Constraints for long-term planning

Key features

OnRoute takes into account several key elements when optimizing your week schedules. It assigns orders to your mobile workforce, managing the complexity of your multi-frequent visits while minimizing the total drivetime.  A non-exhaustive list of such elements is given below:

  • Specific technical requirements that match an order to (a part of) your fleet or operators
  • Time windows and working hour restrictions
  • Frequency of visits: visited each month/ week/ no more than .. weeks in between
  • Already communicated deadlines/appointments for your customers
  • Geographically dispersed operators/inspectors/workers
  • Orders performed by multiple operators at the same time

The workload of your employees is characterized by frequent or cyclical visits, fixed assignments, priority relationships and predetermined appointments or deadlines. Get the most out of your workforce by scheduling them weeks in advance.


Save on the time spent planning

Producing weekly schedules for a mobile workforce can be very difficult: it requires ad-hoc orders to be planned alongside fixed orders and cyclic appointments. Optimization cuts back the time spent planning drastically. Integrating our OnRoute API will allow for your customer's operational planners to focus on the most important matters.

Manage the complexity of hundred to thousands of stops

Scheduling is typically complex to manage: time windows for specific customers, special goods that require refrigeration, or certain visits that need a certified driver to visit. All of these specific rules to follow can be integrated seamlessly into your application.

Reduce operational expenses

By optimizing your daily schedules, you can help your customers reduce operational costs by up to 35%. This allows resources to be used in the most efficient way: maximize the customers served and minimize overall costs. As a result, they can get more work done with fewer resources, save on fuel costs and reduce carbon emissions.

solution details

How it works

Easily manage a fleet of vehicles that visit customers at different times, days, or weeks. Each customer has a specific visiting pattern, such as cyclical visits, fixed assignments, priority relationships, and predetermined appointments or deadlines.

Each customer has a changing demand, while each vehicle has a fixed capacity. OnRoute will take into account the varying demands of customers and reduce the total distance travelled.

Long term routing optimization
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