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Optimize your schedules to increase efficiency, improve operational performance and stay compliant with labor laws at all times.
Manage labor cost
Predict future demand
Schedule employees automatically
Manage real-time tasks
Monthly active employees
Cost per employee
Up to 50 (min. 10)
€ 7,00
50 to 500
€ 5,00
500 to 1.000
€ 4,00


Increase your revenue by improving your routes for  efficiency and cost. Maximize the delivered orders or jobs, taking into account a variety of constraints.
Daily Route Optimization
Long-term Route Optimization
Pickup & Delivery
Load Capacity Optimization
Terrority Planning
Monthly active vehicles
Cost per vehicle
Up to 50 (min. 10)
€ 14.00
50 to 500
€ 8.00
500 to 1.000
€ 7.00


Lower your cost-per-pick by optimizing your waving, batching or picking activities by taking into account the layout of your warehouse.
Predict Warehouse workload
Optimal Wave Planning
Order Batching
Picking Path Optimization
Monthly active pickers
Cost per picker
Up to 50 (min.10)
€ 9.00
50 to 500
€ 7.00
500 to 1.000
€ 5.00
Have high volume or
unique business needs?
Professional services
High volumes

Skedulo Partners with Solvice to Enhance Scheduling Capabilities

Using Solvice's optimization engines, Skedulo's new feature empowers customers to effortlessly create optimal schedules.

UZ Leuven

90% less time planning schedules

UZ Leuven wanted to save on planning time for the oncall rostering of their anaesthesiology department.

Slot booking optimization in warehousing

Optimized scheduling for loading and unloading activities at the distribution center could dramatically reduce the time spent on scheduling for all carriers, as well as propose optimal changes to slot bookings throughout the day.

Skedulo Partners with Solvice to Enhance Scheduling Capabilities

Using Solvice's optimization engines, Skedulo's new feature empowers customers to effortlessly create optimal schedules.

Planon Revolutionizes Building Management Efficiency with Solvice's AI-Powered Solutions

Discover how Planon leveraged Solvice's innovative AI-powered scheduling solutions to enhance their building management processes, improve efficiency, and drive sustainability.

ATOS Optimizes Workforce Scheduling for a major sports event with OnShift AI Solution

Solvice's AI scheduling product, OnShift, will manage 45,000 volunteer schedules for a major sports event in 2024. It collects volunteer data including language, location, gender, and desired positions. The OnShift API processes this data to generate an optimal schedule.

Up to 35% more visits daily

British American Tobacco wanted to optimize the assignment of customers to their sales team and regional representatives.

Suivo Enhances Workforce Scheduling with AI Integration

Suivo has introduced Artificial Intelligence (AI) to its workforce scheduling application through the integration of Solvice OnRoute and OnSchift APIs.v

Wanda's Journey to Efficient and Circular Logistics with Solvice's OnRoute API

Discover how Wanda, a trailblazer in circular logistics, transformed its operations using Solvice's OnRoute API. Faced with the challenge of scaling complex logistics for diverse goods and varying requirements, Wanda turned to Solvice for an optimal solution.

Infront and De Lijn integrate Dynamics 365 Field Service with OnShift

Infront creates the most efficient routes for technicians and schedules thousands of tasks for public transportation company De Lijn.

Strobbo offers automated rostering service with OnShift

Strobbo, BeNeLux’s leading workforce management SaaS in the retail and hospitality market, wanted to be the first to provide a fully integrated automated rostering service to their customers.

Your advantages

Fastest deployment of cutting edge technology

The deployment of optimization technology requires both significant effort and time investment, with no guarantee of success. Implement advanced optimization software that can quickly solve your scheduling challenge.

Efficient operational cost

The operational costs of building and maintaining algorithms are significant. We believe that transparency and flexibility are the basis for a successful collaboration, which is why we offer a simple "pay-per-usage" pricing model to keep costs as efficient as possible.

Leverage in-depth knowledge and experience

Our goal is to provide the most intelligent and fastest solvers that deliver the best schedules. Our team of world-class PhD optimization experts has gained in-depth knowledge and experience to continuously innovate and go far beyond today's benchmarks. 

Grows with your backlog

By teaming up, we are able to include requested functionalities and new features in our products roadmap. That's why we like to collaborate with the product team, the development team, and the sales and marketing team.

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