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ATOS Optimizes Workforce Scheduling for a major sports event with OnShift AI Solution

Solvice's AI-powered scheduling product, OnShift, will be used by ATOS to manage the schedules of 45,000 volunteers during a major sports event in 2024. The application collects data about each volunteer, such as their language, location, and gender as well as the positions they need to fill. The OnShift API will then process this data and return an optimal schedule to the application.

Scheduling 45,000 volunteers to fill 150,000 positions is complex, with more possible combinations than atoms in the universe. The OnShift API uses AI and combinatorial optimization to find the best possible combinations based on a wide range of factors, ensuring that each volunteer is assigned to a position that matches their skills and availability, while also considering factors such as language and location.

The ATOS team was impressed with the quality of the schedules returned by the OnShift API during testing and is confident that it will help ensure the smooth running of the event. The application will be used to assign volunteers to positions in a range of different events, before being put to the test during the 2024 sports event.

"We're thrilled to be working with ATOS on this project, and playing a small part in the success of this event," said Christophe Van Huele, CEO of Solvice. "Our OnShift API is designed to handle even the most complex scheduling challenges, and we're confident that it will help to ensure that every volunteer is assigned to a position that matches their skills and availability."

About ATOS

ATOS is a global leader in digital transformation, providing integrated solutions for businesses across various industries. The company is the official IT partner of the Paris 2024 Olympics, responsible for delivering digital services and solutions for the event. ATOS has a strong track record in delivering successful IT solutions for major global events, including the London 2012 and Rio 2016 Olympics.

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