Route Optimization

Load Capacity Optimization

Make optimal use of your loading capacity. Put your resources to optimal use: scheduling your collection or delivery rounds as efficient as possible.


Save on operational costs

Optimizing your collection or delivery routes allows you to reduce your operational costs with an average of 36%. Put your resources to use in the most efficient way: maximizing their used loading capacity, while minimizing overall costs. As a result, you’ll be able to do more work with less resources and cut fuel costs.

Do more with the same resources

Your collection or delivery capabilities are restricted by the specifications of your fleet and - more often - the drivers you have at your disposal. The possibilities for scaling up are therefore limited and require large investments. Load capacity optimization allows you to permanently or temporarily do more with the same resources. Do not leave this unexploited potential for growth on the table, but capture it.

Enforce quality in your schedules

The quality requirements for your operations might dictate how long a picked up sample is allowed to stay on a vehicle or when its collection is due. On the other hand, stocks are meant to be kept as small as possible to keep lean production processes flowing. In addition, your service offering to your customer might restrict response times, narrowing the time windows for your deliveries. Maintain these quality rules at the source: enforcing them in your transportation schedules.

Optimize your logistics with the load capacity optimization option. Whether you are planning last-mile distribution to your customers, ensuring just-in-time delivery of parts or components, or planning material pickup rounds.

key features

Capabilities - Features:

OnRoute takes into account several key elements when scheduling your (delivery/collection) orders to your fleet, while minimizing total drivetime or the number of vehicles used.  These include:

  • The capacity of your vehicles, according to your own definitions. 
  • Specific technical requirements that match an order to (a part of) your fleet or operators
  • Time windows and working hour restrictions
  • Specific quality requirements, expressed as time-on-vehicle or the maximum time for a round-trip

solutions details

How it works

Your delivery vehicles have a limited load capacity and must pick up or deliver items to different locations. The items have a quantity, such as weight or volume, and the vehicles have a maximum capacity they can carry. To ensure that you don't overload your delivery trucks or fail to use their full capacity, you can use your fleet capacity constraints, combined with a quantity value for each visit. You can also easily specify multiple capacities.

Route Optimization
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