Live Scheduling API: Maximize customer service
& optimize service delivery

With Solvice's Suggest Functionality, customers automatically
schedule service appointments with optimal routing.

Optimal routes in seconds
Implement customer self-service portals in no time.
Automatic algorithm fine-tuning
Show optimal appointment times only to customers.
Schedul +10.000 orders at the same time
Nudge users towards
the optimal schedules.

Optimizing +25k schedules every day for customers worldwide:

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Speed and Scale at your fingertips

Free customer service teams from cumbersome scheduling discussions
by integrating live, self-service scheduling in customer portals

Three ways to
balance operational excellence
with excellent customer service:

1. Smart self-service forms

Smart self-service forms

In this straightforward form-based interface the optimal appointment moments are presented in a chronological list, or with the most optimal solution first. The leaf indicates the most ecological solution.

2. Really smart chatbot

Chat with a really smart bot

Combines the intuitive interface of a chat session with the power of intelligent scheduling. A chat interface leaves a lot of flexibility to tweak the scheduling process in the future, and to motivate customers to go for your ideal timing.

3. Auto-optimized Calender

Auto-optimized Calender

A calendar interface makes for a very user-friendly way of interacting with customers. Feasible dates are indicated in a familiar format and hours can presented creatively.

Add live scheduling
to your application with an API call

A simple solution for you:
A solve where 'all jobs but one' are fixed in the current planning.
You give the input, we give you the suggestions through easy-to-use endpoints.

Live scheduling for field service portals
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