Suivo Enhances Workforce Scheduling with AI Integration

Suivo, the IoT platform known for its fleet, machine, and people tracking capabilities, has introduced Artificial Intelligence (AI) to its workforce scheduling application through the integration of Solvice OnRoute and OnSchift APIs. This latest addition empowers Suivo customers to automatically assign skilled employees to specific tasks at optimal times.

The AI-driven workforce scheduling solution by Suivo enables organizations to easily and flexibly plan their workforce, ensuring optimal deployment and smarter utilization of employee talents. Notably, this feature equips Suivo customers with an additional tool in the competitive landscape for talent acquisition, leading to enhanced job satisfaction among employees.

To address the complex nature of workforce scheduling, Suivo's solution considers various parameters such as skills, certifications, employee and equipment availability, location, routes, and traffic. Leveraging Solvice's optimization solvers, the software automatically generates workforce schedules while optimizing resource allocation.

Powered by Solvice's AI optimization engine, which combines heuristics, optimization, and machine learning, Suivo's workforce scheduling feature sets a new standard in software solutions. With an increasing focus on sustainable development, integrating optimization into software solutions is rapidly becoming a global trend among software companies. Solvice proudly aligns itself with these goals and serves as a strong partner for organizations committed to sustainable growth.

Early results demonstrate the success of Suivo's new scheduling features, with customers reporting efficiency gains of up to 35% and improved customer and employee satisfaction.

In conclusion, Suivo's partnership with Solvice has facilitated the rapid and risk-free implementation of cutting-edge optimization technology. By harnessing state-of-the-art tools, Suivo ensures its own success as a company while actively contributing to the community.

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