Explainable AI for scheduling

Speed up integration and drive end-user adoption of your
AI scheduling solution with Solvice's explainable AI feature.

Get detailed insights on why the AI solver takes certain decisions
Fast and easy fine-tuning of solver parameterization
Drive end-user adoption by demystifying the solver's logic.

Optimizing +25k schedules every day for customers worldwide:

Planon - Real Estate Management SoftwareSuivo - Routing optimizationDe Lijn Field ServiceSwapfiets urban mobility

AI Explainability at the tip of an API

Our explainable AI feature provides detailed insights into
our solvers' decision-making process by simply calling the explain endpoint

Add Explanations
to your application with an API call

A simple solution for you:
Offer your end-users the option to see all relevant alternative resources
within their usual environment and indicate availability and constraints that were violated

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