De Lijn

Plan thousands of tasks

Public transportation company De Lijn handles daily repairs, stop change requests, and so on. Before, it was difficult to create the capacity plan and determine each employee's optimal route. After implementing long-term route optimization, De Lijn generates the most efficient routes for field employees and schedule thousands of tasks for the coming weeks.


The operations department of De Lijn is in charge of a wide variety of responsibilities in the field, such as repairs, notification of stop change requests, and so on. As a result of this, the division in charge of this process is looking into different ways to expedite the planning process. Completing the capacity plan for the next couple of weeks and determining the optimal route for each employee was a very difficult task.


After a proof of concept, they incorporated our long-term route optimization solution into their field service planning system. The best routes for all of their field workers are now generated automatically by their operational planning system.


Their operations department can now generate automatically the most efficient routes for each and every one of their field employees, scheduling thousands of tasks for the upcoming weeks.

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