Empowering Demanding Customers in Last-Mile Delivery and Field Service: Introducing OnRoute 2.0

With last mile delivery booming and field service requirements getting more sophisticated all the time, the timing could not be better for us to update our OnRoute optimization service. Expect an even better performance and new features such as a “suggest the best timing” functionality and the possibility to link jobs.

Bert Van Wassenhove

The world of service and delivery has gone through spectacular evolutions over the past years. If you may believe our customers (which we obviously do) there is even more to come. Gone are the days when last-mile delivery was the job of the national postal service or a local van driver. The advent of e-commerce has boosted last-mile delivery to yet-unknown heights. 

At the same time, we have seen a major growth in all kinds of ‘on-the-spot services’. Field service is no longer limited to repairing large machines, today you can have your bike serviced or car window repaired wherever you are. On top of that, all kinds of services at home, from lawn care to plumbing, are increasingly professionalized. The realm of home healthcare has also expanded, with various professionals attending to different facets of an individual's health in a coordinated manner. This trend makes it evident that scheduling through spreadsheets is nearing its end.

Through close collaboration with our customers, the Solvice team has gained invaluable insights into the needs of schedulers across diverse fields. We have built up the necessary know-how to formulate complex resting constraints, fair balancing rules and advanced job linking.

That is why we started working on OnRoute 2.0 at the end of 2022. The new and updated API will become available in beta in September 2023. Over the coming weeks we will dig deeper into what OnRoute 2.0 can bring to you. To provide a sneak peek, let's unveil two core priorities.

Priority 1: 5x Faster and more efficient 

Even though the OnRoute API is already leading in the industry in terms of speed and efficiency, we saw room for improvement. As our customers grow, they require more and more capacity on our systems. That is why we have built OnRoute 2.0 according to a fully serverless architecture, which allows for as good as unlimited cloud scaling for an already highly efficient algorithm. And if you know a bit about solvers, you know that more computing power also means better quality in less time. 

Priority 2: Introducing New Features

  • With jobs getting more complex and specialized, there is an increased need to schedule multidisciplinary teams to do one job. This means linking jobs, according to pre-set rules.  With OnRoute 2.0 you can create dependencies between jobs to schedule two jobs that will be done by two resources at the same time. Creating this synchronicity was a tough nut to crack. 
  • Better service means you need flexibility. What if you just scheduled 199 orders, and a customer called in a new order? Where is the best place to fit it into the existing schedule? With the new suggest-feature a scheduling solution gets real-time scheduling superpowers. It gives you the possibility to pass on an optimal time slot to the customers and thus offer ultimate customer satisfaction. 

OnRoute 2.0 will become available in beta early september 2023, contact us for more information on the powerful new features. 


OnRoute 2.0: More, better and higher complexity at your fingertips


OnRoute v2 is now entering its beta phase

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