OnRoute v2 is now entering its beta phase

We are excited to announce that OnRoute v2, the latest version of our API for optimizing route optimization problems, is now entering its beta phase until the end of the year. We’ve been working hard behind the scenes to make OnRoute even better, and we’re thrilled to share these improvements with you.

Why OnRoute 2.0

The complexity of our API increased as we introduced new features during its first version. Maintaining backwards compatibility is a crucial requirement in API management. However, we realized that some initial design decisions, which later proved to be unfortunate, became irreparable over time. The desire to start the API from scratch, implementing what we’ve learned over the past five years, seemed like the right course of action.

Migration from v1

Our v1 solver platform will remain active as long as there are customers using it. We will not force anyone to migrate to v2, although the advantages are quite clear.

For early adopters interested in testing out this beta, we have prepared a comprehensive migration guide. This guide lists all the concepts that have changed in the transition to v2.

> When visiting our documentation, remember to select the v2 button. This ensures you access the correct documentation page.

> Next, review the endpoint overview and the migration guide for a comprehensive understanding. We also provide a Postman collection to aid in testing.

What is new?

Here’s what’s new in OnRoute v2:

  • 3x Improved Speeds:
    We’ve optimized our algorithms and improved our infrastructure to make OnRoute v2 three times faster than its predecessor. This means you can solve complex route optimization problems in less time, making your operations more efficient.

  • Job Relations:
    With the introduction of Job Relations, you can now define dependencies between jobs. This allows for more complex and realistic scenarios, providing you with a more accurate optimization.

  • Suggestion Functionality:
    We’ve added a new suggestion functionality that provides recommendations based on your current schedule for adding 1 extra Job. This functionality is ideal when integrating intelligence into a portal system at the end customer.

We invite you to participate in the beta testing of OnRoute v2. Your feedback is invaluable to us as we strive to improve and perfect our product. To get started, simply start sending requests to our v2 endpoint.


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