Solvice and Planon bring AI power to building management.

Solvice, a leading provider of AI-powered scheduling solutions, announces the availability of its OnRoute planning API, as part of the Planon Artificial Resource Scheduler (Planon ARS), in the Planon Marketplace. This integration empowers Planon customers to automate and optimize their field service team scheduling, improving efficiency and sustainability in building management.

Bert Van Wassenhove

Planon, a global Smart Sustainable Building Management software leader, connects buildings, people, and processes, providing actionable insights. With Solvice's OnRoute API integration, Planon users gain AI-based route optimization within their building management software.

"The availability of Solvice's OnRoute API brings tremendous value to our customers," said Derrek Clarke, Senior Solution Marketer at Planon. "By incorporating route optimization into their operations, Planon users can streamline field service scheduling, save time, and improve efficiency. This integration aligns with our commitment to sustainable building management by reducing carbon emissions through optimized routing."

The OnRoute API automates and optimizes field service team scheduling, leveraging Heuristics, Optimization, and Machine Learning. It generates optimized routes directly within the Planon interface, ensuring efficient resource allocation and reduced travel distance. This boosts productivity and contributes to sustainability efforts.

Planon introduces the Planon Artificial Resource Scheduler (ARS), extending the Resource Scheduling product. It enables facility service planners to generate optimized work schedules for teams, considering parameters such as orders, skills, agreements, hours, and locations. With the Planon ARS, planners can more easily adjust schedules for emergencies or unanticipated scenarios, proactively resolving conflicts. This integration marks a significant step forward in operational excellence, growth, sustainability, employee happiness, and customer satisfaction.

Solvice's OnRoute API, with its fast route-optimization engine, delivers efficiency gains of up to 40%. Planon's customers are already integrating AI-based routing, showcasing the potential for enhanced efficiency and cost reduction.

Solvice remains committed to developing its APIs, deepening features, upgrading explainable AI components (XAI), and facilitating easy implementation. Planon customers can expect continuous improvements in integrating Solvice's OnRoute API.

For more information about Solvice's AI-powered scheduling solutions, visit the Solvice website ( . Explore the Planon Marketplace and the benefits of the OnRoute API integration at Planon Marketplace.

About Solvice:

Solvice provides AI-powered scheduling solutions, including OnShift, OnRoute, and OnPick. Founded in 2015, Solvice is a leading provider of innovative scheduling technology, headquartered in Ghent, Belgium.


About Planon:

Planon is a global Smart Sustainable Building Managementsoftware leader, connecting buildings, people, and processes. Planon's integrated solutions provide actionable insights, empowering stakeholders to make informed decisions.


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