Real-time planning for an inspection authority

ACEG, one of Belgium’s leading inspection authorities, has plans to roll out a fully integrated web application that allows their customers (both consumers and professionals) to self-register a new product for inspection. In developing this platform, the automated scheduling of these inspections was the necessary next step to streamline their operations while maintaining control of their operational costs. Solvice helped ACEG in building a business case for an integrated, automatic scheduling solutions of their inspections.


ACEG, is one of the leading inspection authorities in Belgium for real-estate, Photovoltaic  installations, and civil construction. To service their customers even better, they were rolling out an integrated web application where those customers can register and plan their inspections themselves. They wanted to investigate the costs and benefits of integrating an automated, real-time scheduling solution in their newly developed platform.    


Solvice performed a detailed business case analysis for ACEG, considering their current planning principles, the prevailing data architecture, and the best-practices in real-time inspection planning. In this analysis, the body of work from a representative month was used to simulate the impact of a real-time optimization engine on the inspection schedules. The focus of this simulation lies primarily on the service times (between registration in the platform and the inspection), the operational costs and the time the inspectors spent driving to their appointments.   


A clear business case was presented to ACEG, that outlined the costs and benefits of integrating a real-time scheduling solution in their platform. The analysis showed that ACEG‘s planning principles were already strongly operationalized within their inspection schedules. Nevertheless, the simulation using a real-time optimization engine still showed a clear potential for improvement in both service times and operational costs.

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