Total drive time reduced by 23%

Belgium Parcel Service (BPS distri) is a parcel delivery company that spent two hours of manual planning to creating routes for 18 drivers. Every one of their truck has restrictions with respect to number of parcels and the type of parcels it can carry. BPS distri asked Solvice to deliver a solution to save on the driven kilometers, in addition to cutting the time spent planning their routes.


BPS distri spends two hours a day planning the routes for their trucks, incorporating the maximal volume, the maximal number of pallets and certain weight restrictions. Also, some parcells can only be transported by refrigerated trucks.


After performing a proof-of-concept, that led to a business case, Solvice helped on the integration of their OnRoute solution for planning the parcel deliveries. OnRoute is fully integrated into their ERP and automatically generates the optimal routes for all trucks. The dispatching of the routes is done by sending the detailed information to the drivers’ phones.


BPS distri now has an automated route planning application that allows them to save time on planning and dispatching. Moreover, their total drive time is reduced by 23%, which leads to savings on resources, time and fuel.

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