UZ Leuven

90% less time planning schedules

UZ Leuven wanted to save on planning time for the oncall rostering of their anaesthesiology department. Solvice helped them to implement a solution that saves significantly on planning time and delivers fairer schedules for all medical residents.


The department of Anaesthesiology of UZ Leuven used to put a lot of effort in planning the oncall shifts of their medical residents. These shift plans should incorporate the doctor's preferences and other business constraints. Solvice was asked to deliver a solution that could reduce the time spent planning and that correctly incorporated the business constraints.


After a detailed analysis of the business requirements, Solvice proposed to help implement their OnCall solution. OnCall is a Sotware-as-a-service product that solves oncall scheduling problems by fairly distributing shifts among personnel according to shift preferences, skills, workload constraints and other business rules..


After implementation of OnCall, the anaesthesiology department of UZ leuven now spends 90% less time planning the oncall schedules. Moreover, the shifts are attributed more fairly, given the preferences and constraints of all relevant shareholders.

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