workforce scheduling

Create Optimal Shifts

Create the most optimal shifts combinations for each department, role and skill to cover your labor demand.


Use as many constraints as you need

Impose all relevant constraints for generating shifts, including skills, local labor laws, rest periods, HR policy guidelines, and other business rules. Or add your own constraints.

Evaluate multiple business objectives

Choose between different business objectives, such as lowest cost, fair distribution of work or providing maximize service, and calculate the additional cost of adding a shift, keeping customers waiting or working overtime.

Minimize under- and overstaffing

Create and optimize shifts to cover your demand as efficiently as possible, while respecting labor rules, shift types, workforce capacity, skill sets and other business requirements.

Translate a labor demand into a realistic schedule


Build optimal shifts

Start with your labor demand prediction and working times, type of required employee and cost per employee.
Minimize the total number of shifts and overtime, while finding the optimal balance between customer service, employee satisfaction and labor cost.
Either allow under-coverage of your demand to save costs, or prohibit under-coverage to maintain a desired level of customer service.
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How it works

When planning for a new schedule, consider all the different times at which the work will be done, the workers who will do it, and the relevant business rules that govern how and when each type of work will be done. Consider which priority might be most useful, from lowest labor cost, fair distribution of work or providing maximize service. Calculate the cost of adding a shift, letting customers wait or adding overtime to cover for unforeseen circumstances.


Automatic scheduling

The process of automatic employee scheduling begins with the creation of shifts, followed by assigning employees to those shifts as efficiently as possible. Separately, these processes can be used to reach desirable results, but they work best at the same time to schedule automatically.

Schedule Employees Automatically

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