workforce Scheduling

Schedule Employees Automatically

Generate schedules in seconds and offer cost- and labor features in your software, reduce manual changes, help increase customer profits and be 100% compliant with regulations.

Save time, increase profits

Save time, increase profits

Integrate automatic employee scheduling and reduce your labor costs by up to 6%. Free up significant time and effort compared to manual scheduling.

Be 100% compliant with labor laws

Automatically comply with labor laws and other legal rules, such as required rest periods, breaks, or the maximum number of work hours per employee.

Evaluate multiple business objectives

Allow your customers to set multiple business objectives, such as lowest cost, fair distribution of hours or maximize service. Assess the additional cost of adding a shift, keeping customers waiting, or allowing overtime.

No more unintentional over- and understaffing. With automated scheduling, your customers simply choose business goals - our technology does the rest.


Automatic scheduling

The process of automatic employee scheduling begins with the creation of shifts, followed by assigning employees to those shifts as efficiently as possible. Separately, these processes can be used to reach desirable results, but they work best at the same time to schedule automatically.

Schedule Employees Automatically

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