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Reduction in total drive time

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Efficient, predictive and sustainable

Speed, flexibility, reliability and transparency are the main concerns for any company that needs to keep up with an increasingly competitive marketplace. Keeping up with customers' expectations is a challenge for logistics organizations and departments. On top of that, they must keep up with employee expectations, relevant laws and regulations, smooth collaboration in the supply chain, and their own margins.

Solvice automates your logistics with advanced algorithms that handle unpredictable changes. Your organization becomes more efficient, more predictable, and more sustainable.

  • Reduce costs
    Deliver the best service at the lowest possible cost within agreed time slots.
  • Improve employee satisfaction
    Alleviate stress and time pressure, so your employees can be more productive.
  • Improve operational margins
    Reduce your driven mileage, lower your costs and improve your operating margins.
  • Higher service levels
    Reduce your planning time by up to 93%, and deliver more packages and goods in less time.

Create the smartest and fastest routes

Learn how our optimization services are applied to different solutions and industries.

Field service

Optimize route planning in field service software, taking into account skills and equipment, so that the right staff members visit customers at the right moment. Increase quality and customer service, without excess costs. Respond in real-time to any unforeseen events.


Customer satisfaction and operational efficiency are key for e-commerce brands. Consumers have become accustomed to receiving their orders immediately. However, route optimization is a complex problem and even a small mistake can have a knock-on effect and lead to a poor customer experience.

Last mile delivery

Optimize last-mile delivery scheduling. Allow your customers to achieve higher customer satisfaction, successful delivery attempts and reduced CO2 emissions. The OnRoute API enables the optimization of delivery schedules in complex environments and for large amounts of orders (up to 20k orders in one go).

Food delivery

Delivery is a major part of the cost of a food delivery business. The very last stage of an order takes up almost 30% of the overall operational costs. Every delayed, failed or wrong delivery increases costs exponentially and negatively impacts brand user satisfaction. That is where optimization and automatic scheduling comes in as a solution.

Order picking

Order picking is an expensive part of running a warehouse. Warehouses save on unnecessary labor costs by ensuring that their workers, when navigating through a warehouse, take the most efficient route. Pick path optimization helps to reduce lost time, save money and get orders to your customers sooner, rather than later.

Construction and equipment

Transport should be cost-efficient and on schedule, as price and service quality are crucial factors in the logistics of building materials and heavy equipment. If the manufacturer or supplier can manage this systematically, this will improve cost efficiency and customer retention.

Mobile Security

With full control over your mobile security routes, you can optimize them to increase efficiency and manage the unpredictability of incidents. You can provide a reliable service by patrolling more often, and making security checks mandatory during certain times of the day or week.

Distribution Center

You can streamline your entire supply chain by optimizing your route plan between warehouses. Using technology and smart planning, you can optimize your logistics processes by automating your cross-docking and transloading operations.

Waste Collection

You can improve the efficiency of your waste collection and help your fleet to do more with less traffic impacts, noise pollution, and air pollution. With variables such as garbage cans, types of waste, and work schedules, you can optimize routes and routes and maximize fleet capacity.


Many eCommerce companies have been able to expand operations while operating on a shoestring. Third-party logistics services allow you to partner with pros on one of the most important aspects of your eCommerce business.

Wanda's Journey to Efficient and Circular Logistics with Solvice's OnRoute API

Discover how Wanda, a trailblazer in circular logistics, transformed its operations using Solvice's OnRoute API. Faced with the challenge of scaling complex logistics for diverse goods and varying requirements, Wanda turned to Solvice for an optimal solution.

UZ Leuven

90% less time planning schedules

UZ Leuven wanted to save on planning time for the oncall rostering of their anaesthesiology department.

Improved roster quality by 12%

KAVA asked Solvice to develop an algorithm that would spread the shifts of its 4,930 Belgian pharmacies as fairly and efficiently as possible.

Up to 35% more visits daily

British American Tobacco wanted to optimize the assignment of customers to their sales team and regional representatives.

Infront and De Lijn integrate Dynamics 365 Field Service with OnShift

Infront creates the most efficient routes for technicians and schedules thousands of tasks for public transportation company De Lijn.

Planon Revolutionizes Building Management Efficiency with Solvice's AI-Powered Solutions

Discover how Planon leveraged Solvice's innovative AI-powered scheduling solutions to enhance their building management processes, improve efficiency, and drive sustainability.

Slot booking optimization in warehousing

Optimized scheduling for loading and unloading activities at the distribution center could dramatically reduce the time spent on scheduling for all carriers, as well as propose optimal changes to slot bookings throughout the day.

Suivo Enhances Workforce Scheduling with AI Integration

Suivo has introduced Artificial Intelligence (AI) to its workforce scheduling application through the integration of Solvice OnRoute and OnSchift APIs.v

Real-time dispatching of blood sample pickups

Solvice helped Zoolyx, the largest veterinary laboratory in Belgium, in integrating their field service execution with advanced and automatic scheduling of their operations.

Skedulo Partners with Solvice to Enhance Scheduling Capabilities

Using Solvice's optimization engines, Skedulo's new feature empowers customers to effortlessly create optimal schedules.

Unleashing the Future of Pet Care with Solvice Route Optimization

Skiptown stands out as a haven for dogs. Behind the scenes, Skiptown faced a challenge familiar to many in the world of pet care: optimizing scheduling and routes for their dedicated team of caregivers.

Wanda's Journey to Efficient and Circular Logistics with Solvice's OnRoute API

Discover how Wanda, a trailblazer in circular logistics, transformed its operations using Solvice's OnRoute API. Faced with the challenge of scaling complex logistics for diverse goods and varying requirements, Wanda turned to Solvice for an optimal solution.

Real-time planning for an inspection authority

ACEG, one of Belgium’s leading inspection authorities, has plans to roll out a fully integrated web application that allows their customers to self-register a new inspection.

Customer Quote

"Integrating OnShift has really helped us to manage our staff more efficiently and make the best use of our employees."

Bernard De Ruyck, Director IT & Innovation KAVA

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